Another of her pets was a little fawn a soldier had caught and given to her. It followed her tamely about the post. [Pg 22]

He had dreaded a scene, but he was not so sure that this was not worse. "You are the wife for a soldier," he said somewhat feebly; "no tears and fuss and—all that kind of thing." Chapter 18 One fine afternoon the post was moving along in its usual routine—that quiet which is only disturbed by the ever recurring military formalities and the small squabbles of an isolated community. There had been a lull in the war rumors, and hope for the best had sprung up in the wearied hearts of the plains service, much as the sun had that day come out in a scintillating air after an all-night rain-storm.

"I used to know Mrs. Cairness in Washington," Forbes went on, undisturbed; "she has probably told you so."

Chapter 23